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Space technology and its applications, the most fascinating technical achievement of the human race in the last six decades, has undoubtedly advanced with great stride. The various practical benefits of space technology play a central role in international development efforts.

In order to transform the recommendations of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications (UN-PSA) into a practical and operable program, Beihang University has initiated the Master program on Space Technology Applications (MASTA) since 2006, and the program has been held 10 times with success till now. This program has enrolled totally 215 postgraduate students from 19 countries, among which 128 students have graduated and obtained the Master’s Degree on Space Technology Applications.

MASTA is an elaborately designed and intensive Master program for students who are interested in exploring the mysterious universe. This application-oriented program focuses on both knowledge acquisition and operational training. It aims to deliver “International, Interdisciplinary, Intercultural, Innovative, Identical (5Is)” education and provide a powerful platform for scholars and professionals to obtain more opportunities for communicating and experiencing the space technology practice in China. This program is mainly for directional enrollment. Students who are interested to do self-sponsor, please visit website ( for further information.

MASTA is designed to give participants a competitive edge by:

1.  Broadening their knowledge on space-related issues and activities and encouraging participants to use acquired knowledge and skills through practical, hands-on experience

2.  Developing the skills necessary for working effectively with colleagues from a diverse range of disciplines and cultures

3.  Placing the participants at the frontier of the industry through contact with space professionals

4.  Complying with international conventions

5. Modularized curricula design

6.  Flexible study modes

The total duration of study will be 1 year and 9 months in general.

Application Qualifications

- The applicant should be under the age of 35;

-  The applicant should have some professional experiences of working in space technology industry or research institutes;

-  The applicant should have Bachelor Degree of relevant discipline or the diploma equivalent to Bachelor Degree;

-  The applicant is expected to have good command of English and the ability to take courses in English;

-  The applicant is supposed to have research background in relevant areas.

* Note: Please notice as a special requirement that selected applicants should come to study at BUAA with their Private Passports only (not official/service/other types of passport).


- Tuition Fee: 35000 Yuan (RMB) per year;

-  Insurance: 800 Yuan (RMB) per year;

-  Accommodation: 750 Yuan (RMB) per month (not including costs like water, electricity, etc.).

Scholarship and Financial Support

1. The applicants are welcome to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) at Beihang University.

The Full CSC scholarship will cover the following items:

-  Tuition fee for 2 years;

-  Free accommodation during study at the University (not including costs like water and electricity, etc.);

-  Living allowance during stay at the University  (3000 RMB /per month or according to standard by CSC);

-  Medical Insurance only for accidents and hospitalization treatments, according to the standard of CSC.

2.  The applicants who fail to get the CSC Scholarship will have chance to get Beijing Municipal/Beihang Scholarship. Beijing Municipal/Beihang Scholarship will only cover tuition fee.

Application Procedures and Required Materials

Step 1: Apply online

Make the online application for Chinese Government Scholarship on the website of CSC fill up the Application Form, submit the completed Application Form and supporting documents online, and print the Application Form according to the requirements. Please note that the specialty should be chosen as “Space Technology Applications” and the language of instructions should be chosen as “English”. Please also note that the “Program Category” should be “Type B” and the “Agency Number” of Beihang University is 10006.

Step 2: Prepare documents

- Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship;

- Highest Education Diploma (notarized photocopy or original one) or Certificate of Expected Graduation Date from the university studying currently;

- Notarized Transcripts or Original Ones;

- Study or Research Plan (no less than 500 words);

- Two Recommendation Letters from Professors or Academic Experts;

- The Results of TOEFL, IELTS or English Proficiency Certificates;

- Photocopy of Physical Examination Form and the Report on Blood Examination;

- Photocopy of First Page of Passport (the information page);

- The List of Application Documents and Post Address confirmed.

*Note: All the documents should be in duplicate. And the language of documents should be in English or Chinese or attached with translations in English or Chinese.

Step 3: Submit documents

Mail all required documents to the following address before 25th March, 2018.

Ms. Guo Yuanyuan

Address: International School of Beihang University, No. 37 Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100191, P.R. China.

Tel: +86-10-82339734, +86-13581523872

*Note: In order to speed up your application process, scanned copies can be emailed to the Contact Person: so that we can get your information in advance. And mail all the required documents to the Contact Person at RCSSTEAP(China) by the already set deadline (March 15, 2018). RCSSTEAP (China) and BUAA will acknowledge the receipt of your application after evaluation. No application documents will be returned after submission.

Important Dates
- Applicants should mail the required applications documents to the Contact Person at RCSSTEAP(China) by March 15, 2018.
- The results of admission will be notified by May 20 to early August,2018.
- The Admission Notice and related documents will be mailed to the successful applicants around August 15, 2018.
- The program will start in early September 2018.

Contact Information

-  Ms. Guo Yuanyuan, Program Director, RCSSTEAP(China)

Address: East Wing of Library, No. 37, Xueyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China 100191, International School, Beihang University

Telephone: +86-10-82339734


Website of RCSSTEAP:

Website of International School, Beihang University: http//

Website of Beihang University:

-  Website of China Scholarship Council:

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Major & More Details

In 2018, MASTA Program provides four educational fields: Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), Remote Sensing and Geo-Information System (RS & GIS), Microsatellite, and Space Law and Policy.

2018 Announcement MASTA Program